The Capedia tool that we provide to you will allow you to personalize and compose all your documents based on data from the genealogical database.

For each individual, you can enter as many notices and pictures as you want. In a few seconds, Capedia automatically composes your document in PDF format, in color, without having to worry about pagination, chapting, positioning of faces and portraits.
Capedia respects anglo-saxon typographic standard : your genealogical document can be delivered directly to the printer of your choice for distribution to the members of your family.

Headers and footers respect even or odd pagination. The chapters start voluntarily in odd page. Each of your documents can be preceded by a text that you have entered, and which will be titled according to your choice "Preface", "Introduction" or "Foreword".
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 The descent of LOUIS XIV, roi de France [1638-1715]
 The ancestors of LOUIS XIV, roi de France [1638-1715]  -generation (limited to 12 for visitors)
 Biographical note of LOUIS XIV, roi de France [1638-1715]
 Descent chart of LOUIS XIV, roi de France [1638-1715]
 Illustrated ancestry chart of LOUIS XIV, roi de France [1638-1715] (Capedia subscribers only)
 Relationship of LOUIS XIV, roi de France [1638-1715] with click here (Capedia subscribers only)
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 Hiding contemporary dates (< 100 years)
 Total masking of contemporary individual
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